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Keeps your paper towels
Dry, Clean & Germ Free!

How it Works

Simple and easy to use, just slide the Paper Towel Topper right into the inner tube of the paper towel roll and now you can keep your paper towel clean and fresh! Fits any paper towel stand!!

About The Paper Towel Topper

Do your paper towels get wet and dirty on top of the roll?

We all love our paper towels and they certainly come in handy, but does this happen to you?? 

You wash your hands, clean the dishes, and you need to hold on to tear that piece of paper towel off! Or…

When your hands are dirty and you grab that piece of paper towel, and… oh no, look at that mess on top of the paper towel roll!

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Another invention by Inventor
Brian Fried...

“Thank you for your interest and support of my invention!
My paper towels were gross, getting wet and dirty on top and I noticed others who had these paper towel stands had the same problem, so that’s why I invented the Paper Towel Topper!”

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